The house of Quick Quinn is located in 1 Woodland Road. She lives in a house that the forest has given her. In the beginning the animals observe her from a distance, later they are invited to come in and an extraordinary friendship begins. The day when it began, she left the door open.

The Door Of The Heart

Lyrics: Carlos Conde

Ugly or lovely -- what does it matter.
If we're overcome by a passion.
For someone who can conquer us. 
A heart has a door. 
A gateway to the heart.
Sometimes it will open by chance! 
I came across her one day.
But had such preconceived ideas.
That I didn't even see her.
She wasn't asking for shelter.
But knocked so skilfully.
That she came in without permission! 
Love is unforeseeable.
It makes us laugh and makes us cry.
It makes us feel and suffer.
My heart does this sort of thing.
At times I want to close it.
But it insists on opening! 
Who cares about laughter or betrayals.
Those who love will endure anything. 
The rest is unimportant It's only someone without a heart. 
Who doesn't have a gateway For love to come in!


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